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Moving Blog

I know I just opened this blog, but I will be moving it. I find that it would be easier to connect it to my everyday account/blog that way I do not have to remember the different user-names and passwords. I changed this blog url to so that I could keep the same url (, and will be deleting this one as soon as everything is moved over. I hope my followers understand and make the move with me <3


This is what I have been tentatively working on for the past week. I like parts of the pictures, but there are certain aspects that are obviously not quite right. Anyway, this is an original character design for a possible graphic novel I am making. Hopefully I will continue to make progress on it.

I am pretty much in love with her hair… <3

Anyway let me know what you think!


Another Swallowtail which are pretty common around where I live (at least I see them a lot). Please correct me if I am wrong about the species of butterfly because I am just going by what it looks similar too.

I was really surprised by the quality of this picture. It was taken with my old, crappy camera, but I can’t deny the it is a pretty cool shot. Hope you like it.

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